Welcome!  Discovery Island Child Development Center is located in Orange Beach,
Alabama.  The Center has the current distinction of being the only daycare/preschool on
Pleasure Island licensed and meeting the high standards enforced by the State of
Alabama and its Department of Human Resources.  Discovery Island is dedicated to
serving the local community by offering superior child care in a learning and loving
atmosphere.  DI is also committed to working with you, the family, as a team in the care of
your child to help make sure your child grows and learns in a way which helps them reach
their highest potential.
Why Choose a State Licensed Center?
In the State of Alabama only privately owned daycares are required to be licensed by the state.  

As a state licensed center you are assured that Discovery Island is governed by a set of minimum
standards and is regularly inspected by various state and county agencies.  Having these standards
gives a center guidelines to follow in the care of your child for their safety, health, education, nutrition,
and overall care that other non-licensed centers are not governed to follow.  Our goal at Discovery Island
is always to not just meet, but to exceed these minimum standards.  For more information on the State
of Alabama's Minimum Standards for Daycare Centers
Minimum Standards For Daycare Centers and
Nighttime Centers Regulations and Procedures
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