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In June, within 2 weeks time, Discovery Island was "visited" by three of the agencies that are allowed
entry the Center for the purpose of inspections and received perfect scores from each.  The Baldwin
County Department of Health visited first grading the Center with a 100 for their quarterly inspection.  
Later that same day the Auditor for the USDA's Federal Food Program arrived to inspect the records and
meal service of the Center.  The Center provides meals for the children of the Center and participates in
the same food program as the public school system.  This is a family's assurance that their child is
receiving healthy and appropriate portioned meals while at the daycare.  After 2 days of inspecting
records and observing the Center, the Auditor gave Discovery Island their department's designation of
"no exceptions found" in their observance of the program.  This is the same as no errors or a perfect

A few days later the licensing agent from the Department of Human Resources arrived to conduct a full
classroom and records inspection of the Center for the purpose of approving the re-licensing
application submitted by DI.  The licensing agent left the Center approving the license and noting "no
discrepancies on site" which is the Department's perfect inspection.

10 years ago Melissa Callaway Moody, owner and director of the Center,  recognized a need for licensed
daycare options for families in the area and began Discovery Island Child Development Center.  Her
goal has always been to not only meet the Minimum Requirements of a licensed daycare, but to excel at
them and exceed them.  Since opening their doors the Center has graduated 172 preschoolers on to
elementary school.  Each of these preschoolers were equipped with a solid education foundation taught
by a teacher who held a college degree in education.  With their 10 year anniversary approaching,
Discovery Island's very first preschool class will be starting their first year of high school this year.

Ms. Melissa states "It has been a blessing to be a part of so many children's and families' lives over the
past 10 years.  We would like to thank all the families we have served for allowing us the honor of being
a part of their children's lives.  We would also like to that the community, the public school system, and
both cities for all their support of what Discovery Island is doing.  We are proud of our recent perfect
inspections and our ongoing record.  We are also proud and thankful to be celebrating out 10 year
anniversary on June 29th.  We eagerly look forward to continuing to try to do our best for the young
children of our community."
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