Discovery Island Child Development Center was founded June of 1998.  It is currently the only state licensed
center on Pleasure Island.  It is a privately owned and incorporated daycare which operates on the principle of
not just meeting minimum standards set by the State of Alabama, but excelling in all areas.  

The staff of Discovery Island takes the responsibility of caring and educating children very seriously and strives
to build and maintain a reputation of being one of the highest respected centers in Baldwin County.   We work
with each child to instill a pride of accomplishment, a confidence of their individuality and ability, high
self-esteem, and respect for others.  We believe that children thrive when encouraged to excel in an
environment where they are shown love and patience.  

Being licensed by the State of Alabama assures the families who bring their children to Discovery Island that
there are governing agencies regulating and inspecting the Center to ensure a higher standard of care.  
Discovery Island is regularly in contact with and inspected by agencies such as the Department of Human
Resources, The Baldwin County Health Department, the USDA, the Department of Education, the Immunization
Board, and the local Fire Department.

Our focus at DI is preparing your child to be successful when they leave to elementary school and to love
learning.  Our experienced, creative, and talented staff make learning fun for your child.

Discovery Island is also the proud recipient of free books that are given to each child in the Center to take home
three times each year from the Reading is Fundamental Grant that has been awarded to Early Childhood
Directions in Mobile, Alabama.  DI has been participating in the grant and reading challenge for the past 6
years and is one of the few Centers in Baldwin County invited to receive from this grant.

For the past 5 years Discovery Island has welcomed Focus First, who are grant recipients of the Alabama
Student Vision Initiative, to the Center who perform free vision screening on all the children over  6 month who
have parental consent to be tested.  DI is proud to be chosen by Focus First as one of the locations they chose
to visit each year.   

In 2014 for the first time DI is also hosting a flu vaccine clinic provided by our local pediatrician's office, Gulf
Shores Pediatrics.  We hope to help ensure the health of our Center while providing this convenient service to
any families - the adults and children - who are part of our DI family.  We are grateful to Dr. Lovlie and her staff
for partnering with us in this venture.  We hope it will be an annual event.

The owners and staff of Discovery Island also believe in the values and morals of Christianity and try to instill in
the children by example respect for their teachers, friends, and their environment and to "treat others the way
that they want to be treated".  

Discovery Island, Inc. does not discriminate in the admission of any applicant because of race, creed, or
national origin.  Depending upon availability, we welcome any child who exhibits a readiness for our program --
physically, socially, intellectually, and psychologically.  Admission to the Center is open to children ages 6
weeks to 5 years.  If there is not a vacancy in the age group needed at the time, the child's name will be place
on a waiting list.

Discovery Island is open 12 months a year, Monday through Friday from 7am to 6 pm.  DI only closes major
holidays for a maximum total of 11 days a year.
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